‘tails of Glory

tails_of_glory_finals-48Hello, my name is Madeline. I am a Californian turned Chicagoan, and a lover of all things “old-fashioned”- the drink, the doughnut, you name it.

But before I get too far, I must tell you- I am 22, and for the last 4 years I have been a student at Wheaton College. We abstained from drinking alcohol while students at Wheaton. While I would not trade this experience for the world, it does mean that my “spiritual” education was limited to the traditional definition of the word.

In the months after graduation I realized the joy of crafting cocktails. A well concocted drink has become my all-purpose expression of hospitality, creativity, and friendship.

Mixology is a new fascination of mine, but with exposure, my curiosity has only grown. This blog represents a year long project to make, taste, and share 100 cocktails.

I invite you to follow along in this journey, share your favorite recipe, or reach out if you ever care to join me for a cocktail.


Madeline Marie