5. The Maple Badger

Unlike his emotionally distant cousin, the Maple Badger cares a lot.

This drink was invented in honor of the one and only Lindsay Schiltz. Lindsay and her husband Hunter are moving away from Chicago in pursuit of the eternal summer. Lindsay has been a dear friend of mine from the first day I arrived in Illinois. We have played volleyball together, traipsed all over Italy together, and I even had the incredible honor of standing beside her on her wedding day.

All that is to say, I care a lot about this girl.

I showed up at Lindsay’s apartment after work on Thursday, and everything was a bit chaotic. Kahlo (their canine child) was a little bit rattled by the boxes engulfing her world, which made two of us. I had been denying the reality of the move, but the boxes are the undeniable evidence that things are changing.

I believe that there are many good reasons to make a cocktail—foremost of which is celebration. But I recognize remembrance as a very close second. It is hard to celebrate the departure of a friend, but I will toast to the years of life spent together that will continue to shape who I am.

Here’s to you Lindsay, a woman after God’s own heart, and made in His image. May you be met with sunny days, equally warm community, and doughnuts that will knock your socks off.

This cocktail (made from the remnants of liquor on the top of her fridge) was pleasantly surprising. Unfortunately, we drained the brandy after the first cocktail. Hunter ended up with 2/3 of an old-fashioned, and I think I drank spiked cough syrup.


1 ½ oz Bourbon

1 oz Brandy

½ oz Lemon Juice

A dribble of Maple Syrup

Mix ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, shake with ice. Alternatively, shake without ice to avoid diluting, and then stir with ice.

**Beware, maple syrup pours more quickly that you might imagine**


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