6. Ted’s ‘tail of Glory

Today is a special day, because today I get to play virtual hostess, welcoming a guest voice to this blog.

Ted Cockle, husband, father, and host extraordinaire. Ted has a gift for anticipating a craving in someone else before they recognize it in themselves. Often times, this takes the form of a question – a question that you did not realize how deeply you hoped someone would ask.

My favorite manifestation of Ted’s extrasensory perception is the moment when he stands, already on the way to the kitchen. “Old-fashioned?” he asks and points around the room.

I had the privilege of sharing a meal with the Cockle family this weekend. Ted possesses no shortage of anecdotes and wisdom, but here is just a sample . . .

M: Tell me about your favorite story involving a cocktail.

T: Booze Cruise 2014. Kate and I, along with a couple of families, went to the lake for Labor Day weekend. Saturday night my mom took responsibility for all the kids, and she sent us out on the lake. We started the night with G&Ts, slowly making our way around the lake. As the sun was setting, we docked alongside a happening restaurant. As we approached the bar, we realized that a wedding reception was underway. The original plan was to just get a drink, but it didn’t take long before we found ourselves on the dance floor. The best kind of friends (like the best kind of nights) are always “yes, and.”

M: Can you share any tips or tricks of the trade?

T: Pick a cocktail, follow the recipe, but if you really want to make something exceptional, you’ve got to feel it.

M: What is the most important thing to remember when making a cocktail?

T: Sometimes, a cocktail will flop. You will see it on people’s faces—this one is not a winner. But that is the nature of this process. If you need perfection don’t do cocktails.

M: What is your favorite occasion to sip a cocktail?

T: While watching the sun set over a magnificent vista, surround by my people. Bonfire optional.

I am so grateful to Ted for the many cocktails and stories he has shared over the years. He has a soft heart and is skilled with a shaker. For those reasons, Ted has inspired a new award.

Congratulations to Ted, the first recipient of the ‘tender Heart award!

A decorative pin is forthcoming.



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