8. A Midday Mint MockTail

As promised, this is the mocktail crafted for Dana.

I want to pause to validate the mocktail. The name is unduly condescending, as if the lack of alcohol somehow detracts from the integrity of the drink. I disagree heartily. The value of a cocktail is not found in the alcoholic content, or its potency, but in the opportunity it provides to gather and to celebrate.

The clink of glasses may be my favorite sound. I want a recording of that sound that I can play on repeat as I fall asleep. It is the reason that I make cocktails. Of course I aspire to make delicious cocktails, because I think that excellency is to be sought in everything, and because if I didn’t, I would probably lose friends (defeating the purpose). But the ingredients are always second to the invites.

The twenty-somethings crew that I now identify with loves to drink together. I can’t say that I’m mad about it. But I am learning to be more sensitive to the people in my life that desire and deserve to belong, but don’t want to imbibe.

My respect for the mocktail has grown, because it represents a group of people after my own heart. The mocktail sippers (socktail mippers) see the value of togetherness surpassing the  value of consumption.

All that to say, a lack of alcohol will never dampen my spirit.

Mint Spritz

4 Cucumber Slices

8 Mint Leaves

Lime Coconut Soda

Combine cucumber and mint in the bottom of a highball glass, muddle gently. Add soda and ice, then stir.



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