9. The Old Fashioned

There is a great scene in The Sandlot. It comes out that Smalls does not know who Babe Ruth is. The boys are dumbfounded, and they proceed to list every name by which this legend has ever been known.

“The Sultan of Swat! The King of Crash! The Colossus of Clout! The Colossus of Clout! The Great Bambino!”

Let me just say, the old fashioned is the Babe Ruth of the cocktail world. It is the OG cocktail. In fact, it was originally known simply as “the cocktail.” As the concept expanded, they needed a name to preserve the first— thus the old fashioned.

I have made this drink a fair few times, and I have perfected my method. Others are going to disagree, and by all means, find what works for you. But first give this a go…


The Old Fashioned

2 oz Bourbon

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

5 dashes Orange Bitters

A drizzle of simple syrup, or spoon a bit of the maraschino cherry syrup into the drink.

An orange twist (this is more than garnish)

Measure (or don’t) bourbon into a glass with bitters and sweetener. Add one large ice cube (I recommend spheres due to the improved surface area to volume ratio) and stir until chilled. Twist orange peel over the drink and lay the peel in the cocktail.


HUGE shout out to Louie Abellera who took these incredible pictures! If you have photography needs, check him out @ http://louieaweddings.com/




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