15. The Chicago Cocktail

I hosted “game night” at my apartment last night. It is in quotes because no games were played. However, it is a convenient excuse, regardless of whether anyone believed we would play games, to gather.

I started inviting friends earlier in the week, but I can never predict how many people will be up for getting together. In a given week, affirmative RSVPs may range anywhere from 10-90%. (Coincidentally, my new fascination with cocktails has significantly increased my batting average.)

In hosting, I have come to appreciate the unpredictability of any gathering. I am thoughtful about inviting friends, but ultimately, I cannot control the dynamics of the group, nor would I want to try. And there are two reasons for that.

First, an invitation is a sweet affirmation of friendship. Regardless of whether I’ve known a person a week, a year, or am currently living with her, an invitation communicates, “Hey, I want you around.” There are few gestures less offensive and more thoughtful than extending an invitation.

Secondly, I am abundantly aware of just how phenomenal the people in my life are. I am not exaggerating, the whole lot of them are keepers. Therefore, only good things happen when they get in a room together.

Last night, one dear friend, after another, after another, walked through my front door. Naturally I spent the entire evening grinning like a dork and making cocktails until I ran out of glasses to put them in.

Hand Model: CEH

The Chicago Cocktail Recipe

2 oz. Brandy (Fernet is my fav)

½ tsp. Cointreau

A dash of Angostura Bitters

1 ½ oz. Champagne chilled

Rim a chilled coupe glass with sugar. Combine ingredients. Toast. Clink.

Happy dishwasher, happy heart.

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