For Lovers of Gin and Spring

If you are reading this, you likely

a. Love gin

b. Love spring

c. Stopped reading after “For lovers of,” and decided this post was for you

I fall in all three categories. Spring, gin, and the combination thereof are some of my favorite things. I am also an undeniable optimist, so I find myself declaring my love for many things: parmesan cheese, the L, parks, you name it.

I find that, as an all-season optimist, I have company in springtime. When the flowers are blooming, and there are puppies, and children, and sunshine, it is not difficult to celebrate every detail of our experience.

In springtime, I think I could throw a party for virtually anything, and my friends would validate the celebration by attending. There seems to be a desire to affirm life in springtime, and any excuse to do so is welcomed.

Spring is a sweet reminder of the goodness of life, and the promise of restoration (particularly in Chicago). Joy in springtime is so telling of the of the human experience- we delight in the possibility of newness.

So let the parties continue. If you need a cocktail to accompany your festivities, try this one on for size. I made it up, it’s highly basic, and refreshing as all get out.


For Lovers of Gin and Spring 

2 oz gin

2 oz St. Germain

Juice of 1 lemon

Shake ingredients with ice. Pour into two frosted martini glasses, and garnish with a lemon peel.



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