For Lovers of Gin and Spring

In springtime, I think I could throw a party for virtually anything, and my friends would validate the celebration by attending. There seems to be a desire to affirm life in springtime, and any excuse to do so is welcomed. 


An Aside- Divorcing Small Talk from the Cocktail Pary

I have resolved to divorce the association between cocktail parties and small talk.

14. The L-Train

Named after the famous “elevated” train that weaves through the streets of Chicago, this gin-based cocktail literally took us all over town. L is for elevated train, and L is for lavender- the comically elusive herb.

13. The Clover Club

I love love. And I have never needed a holiday to remind me of that fact. However, since we have one, I am not going to pass up the opportunity to celebrate love.

12. Vesper

“Very strong, and very large. Very cold. And very well-made.”
-James Bond

8. A Midday Mint MockTail

The value of a cocktail is not found in the alcoholic content, or its potency, but in the opportunity it provides to gather and to celebrate.

7. Saratoga

“Belonging is for becoming.” –Jean Vanier